Sunday, 1 February 2015

Cable Organizer Tutorial

are you tired of this cable mess?

if so this tutorial may help you to organize them. this is really something I hate but my husband always has something to do with cables, his labtop, TV or external hardisk etc.
so I decided to sew a cable organizer today, you may see the steps one by one below;

you will need;
1) 13*26 cm woven fabric in medium weight (could be cotton or polycotton). these measurements may change according to your need, if you wish you may also sew a bigger organizer.
2) 13*13 cm interfacing in medium weight. if you think your main fabric is heavy enough then no need to use interfacing.
3) velcro tape
4)stitching thread
5) scissors
6) iron

let's proceed;

1) here is my cutting pattern for both fabric and interfacing. it is 13*13 cm(incl. 0,7 cm seam allowances on each side) if you'd like to make a wider organizer for thicker cables you may change the dimensions as you wish.  in this case you'll need to lengthen the "height".

2) cut 2 pcs of main fabric and 1 pc of interfacing according to this pattern. considering my fabric weight I will only use interfacing on outer side of organizer. if your fabric is light in weight pls cut 2 pcs of interfacing and attach on both sides of organizer.

(there are two sets of organizer here on this photo, one in green and one in lilac)
3) then press interlining on to the wrong side of the fabric. so one of the fabric will be interfaced other one is without.

here we start sewing...
4) place fabric pieces to both ones correct sides be faced each other. and stitch all around with 0,7 cm seamallowance. Pls make sure you leave an unstitch part(approx 7-8 cm) in one side. So you can make inside out.

5) turn inside out and iron all sides to make them more even before top stitching. then make a topstitch all around so open part will be stitched too. this top stitching can be edge stitch or 0,5 cm or 0,7 cm, so it's totally up to you. I prefered edge stitch as you may see below.

6) prepare 2 sets of velcro tape, length to be 1,5-2,00 cm. and stitch them on to the fabric. if you interfaced only one layer of fabric make sure interfaced layer is your outer side.
make sure you stitch on to the correct sides of fabric so once you roll it around the cables you will be able fasten the velcro tape.

7) here we go, cable organizers are ready to be used. as mentioned above if you need a wider one you just need to lengthen your height, you may make 17 cm or even 20 cm... it's up to you.

and this is the result... i think they look quite neat :)

if you have any questions pls don't hesitate to contact me.
your comments are welcome:)

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