Saturday, 7 February 2015

About Me

My name is Ezgi and I'm a textile engineer.

I've always been in love with fabrics. Their touches and colors always attracted me and they always made me feel happy even when I was a teenager.
I graduated from Textile Engineering, my faculty is one of the biggest and important textile faculty in Turkey. As it was an engineering faculty I had chances to learn about production processes of -almost- all kind of fabrics; yarn types, carding, spinning, weaving, knitting, nontextile surfaces, yarn & fabric dyeing, special treatments on yarns & fabrics etc. In my 3rd year, I was specialized on apparel and ready made clothing side of textile.

After university I had worked in the business for 7 years. During this time I have seen all production process of clothing; pattern making, cutting, sewing, quality control, packing, shipping as well as whole collection process starting from design.

I had amazing experiences with lots of big Europian Brands. I saw their collection development and bulk/mass production processes. I personally worked with important Swedish designers and helped them to find suitable fabrics, accessories and also the most suitable production factories for on time shipments.

I had great times during this 7 years and gained lots of experience but I must admit that clothing production process is very stressfull. It wasn't easy to handle this stress at all and -thank God- I've met yoga in those days which is a great thing for me.

My husband and I moved to UK almost a year ago. I haven't been working in clothing production here but off course I'm still in touch with fabrics.

I bought a sewing machine and started designing  my own products such as, fabric wallets, cosmetic bags, makeup cases, yoga mat straps, tote bags, canvas shoulder bags etc. I opened online shops on eBay, ETSY and Folks. My main focus is ETSY nowadays.

Designing and producing my own products has been a great journey for me because I must deal with all details by myself. On this other hand I can use my past experiences and reflect them on my new products and this makes me really happy.

As you may understand all of my items save lots of fun and happiness during the process so I'm sure they'll bring a positive energy to their owners.

Besides sewing my own products I'm working on some unique hand prints as well.

I will try to share all my experiences in this blog and will try to add tutorials for all product kinds.

thanks for being in my blog and have fun when you are jumping from title to title.

feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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